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Suzy helped us out in a crucial time of need having 2 children, one of which is handicapable and one on the way we were in hyper drive to get a house and she took it upon herself to meet the dead line, she is very thorough and driven and will not let you settle for less! Thanks to suzy we didnt  have to wait around forever for the seller to get everything squared away she was on top of everything and made everything as hassle free as possible! Thanks to her our family now has a forever home that’s suitable for all of us. Thank you suzy for the amazing service.

Suzy is a phenomenal real-estate agent. She helped my fiancé and I look for, buy, and close on our first house. She is very quick to answer any form of communication. Suzy is so knowledgeable and this really helped us since this was the first time we went through the home buying process. She was in constant communication with the bank, attorney, and sellers agent. Words will not do Suzy’s performance diligence. The only thing I can say is please hire her because I guarantee you will not regret it!

Eric Nunes - Andover

Suzy was very helpful, easy to talk to, and easy to get in contact with. She was very thorough and insightful through out this process. Suzy makes the process easy and I would recommend her to anyone.


I always wanted to build a house, but with Suzy’s help in finding this house all my dreams came true, and I never have to build one. I’m already in it. We drove by it on a Sunday, she was quick to make the appt. for a walk through on that Tuesday, guiding me along, (knowing I’m a first time buyer) she asked me the right questions & addressed some of my concerns. She was positive, friendly, incredibly knowledgeable, most importantly someone I could talk things out with. I could picture my kids growing up here. After falling in love with the house (yes you’ll know when it happens) she helped us sell our condo by putting it on the market that same Friday and the following Monday we made an offer on our home. Yes there were ups & downs but every step along the way Suzy Couture was there with a positive & hopefully attitude! That’s when I knew I believed in her and everything would work out for the best! I would highly recommend her in a heartbeat. Thank you for reading my story about my dream home. It’s truly a wonderful love story all because of an amazing woman. Thank you Suzy!